Philippe Crettien - tenor sax


Philippe Crettien, born in the South of France, son of French diplomats grew up primarly in North Africa, The United States and England. Raised in a musical family was exposed at a young age to an eclectic array of music. Studied piano and the alto saxophone in High school while attending the French Lycee in London. After listening to John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Sonny Rollins switched to the tenor saxophone.


Attended Berklee College of Music and earned a BA in Professional music. Studied with Andy MGee, Joe Allard, Joe Viola, Charles Banacos, Jerry Bergonzi, Kenny Werner and Hal Crook.


After graduating Berklee College of music performed and recorded with Blues Singer Jelly Belly, Trudy Silver, Bill Lowe, John Medeski, Andy Jaffe, Mario Pavone, Bob Gullotti, Andre Jaume, Rick Pekham, and Dave Zinno among others. Recorded three CD’s as a leader. Artistic director of the Toulon International jazz festival and director of the Toulon Jazz festival workshops 1991-2000.


Currently, jazz band director at The Rivers School in Weston MA, and Jazz chair at The Rivers School Conservatory.



November Dusk

Philippe Crettien Quintet

Sunday Train

Sunday Train

Bill Lowe / Philippe Crettien Quintet

Four Mad Men in La La Land-cover

Four Men in La La Land

Philippe Crettien

Relatively Out There

Relatively Out There

MCFC Jazz Quartet